Senior Portrait Parties - A Girls Day Out with Janel KG Photography

Dude, I can't even tell you how excited I am for these super fun senior portrait parties!  My friends and I would've been all over this back in the day!  

Let me tell you a little bit more about how this works:  A lot of people are cool with hanging out, getting their hair and makeup done with their friends, but not necessarily comfortable "working' it" for the camera in front of everyone (that would totally be me).  So, we're not doing that.  Each girl gets her own private photo shoot while the others are chillin' back at the salon.  We'll be shooting in two locations, both within a short walk from the salon.  After everyone's done their individual session in each setting, we'll bring you all together for the group shoot!  So this is going to be an awesome 4 to 5 hour day, with arrival to the salon at 2:00, and finishing up around 6 or 7 - Perfect timing to hit the town for dinner since you'll all be looking fabulous!


We have six girls in our group... can we still book a Girls Day Out?  Totally, we'll just start earlier!

What if I only have a group of three?  No problem, I love trios!

How do I book a Girls Day Out?  It's super easy!  Contact me to pay your session fee and reserve your date!  I can accept a credit card over the phone or via email, or you can simply send me a check.  Moms, I understand this may be where you come in... Please feel free to call me with any questions :)

We want to book a party, but we're not available on either of the listed dates.  I hear ya... Call me or shoot me an email and we'll figure out a time that works for everyone.

This sounds fun, but we want more of a country setting for our portraits.  Do you travel?  Sure, my team of hair and makeup stylists and I are happy to bring the party to you!  If one of you happens to have the perfect yard, back alley, open road, whatever, your home can act as our "salon" for the day.  A small travel fee may apply.

What should we wear?  Ah, the ever-pressing question!  My first and foremost rule is "Wear what makes you feel amazing".  We'll be shooting in two settings with two outfits, so I suggest choosing one look that's on the more casual side, and another that's more dressy... maybe your "going out" look?  Once your session is booked, I'd love to meet up for a cup of joe or a smoothie and go over clothing ideas, answer any questions, and go over the details of your day.  In the meantime click here for some recent what to wear inspiration :)

What if it's just me and my one best friend?  Ooh, I love BFF sessions!  They work pretty much the same as my Senior Experience sessions, except you're sharing it with a friend!  I can do these sessions pretty much any day of the week, so they're easier to get on the calendar!  Feel free to contact me for more info on this fun option!

Don't wait to book your Girls Day Out!  I can only do ONE party per day!  

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  1. This is brilliant!!!! So much fun, I love your ideas Janel!