Mix Tape Monday - Good News, Bad News

Well, geez Louise, happy Monday...

The bad news is my husband's car was broken into last night... they took pretty much everything.  No bueno.  The good news is our little watchdog, Sundae, did a great job of alerting us... problem is, we didn't listen to her!  Sundae is a beagle...and she's hella loud!  We didn't check things out when she was barking up a storm at midnight.  In our defense, her little hound nose has been known to pick up the scent of a critter outside and if we let her out, she goes crazy, waking up the entire neighborhood with her "baying",  trying to sniff the thing out.  If you've never heard a beagle bay before, it's one of the strangest sounds.  Halfway between a bark and a howl, it's what they do when they're really onto something... namely a strange scent.  We had no idea quite what we were in for when we brought Sundae home a few summers ago.  She was four pounds of absolute cuteness, and barely made a peep.   When she was a few months old, we first heard her adorable little howl.  The rake was not her friend...

Today's mix... inspired by burgling and barking :)

"Hounds Of Love" - Kate Bush

"Been Caught Stealing" - Jane's Addiction

"Little Black Backpack" - Stroke 9

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