The McCreary's - Family Portrait Photographer

I love, love, love this session... for a number a reasons.  One, this is one of my closest cousins and favorite people in the world and her family.  I absolutely adore them all!  Two, um, hello!  They're all gorgeous!  Every last one of 'em!  (And I'm not biased at all!)  Three, I just had the most fun hanging out with my family, shooting their cuteness and catching those special smiles and fun moments.

Four, this session is a perfect example of what to wear for family portrait sessions!  My basic rule is to choose a color scheme of two or three colors, and dress in varying shades.  This family's outfits could easily have been much more basic, and maybe a little boring.  The boys could all be wearing a navy blue polo shirt, and mom could have worn a plain grey sweater.  That would've totally changed the entire look of their photos.  Having the mix of tones and patterns, and mom sporting an awesome necklace (and getting her makeup done) made all the difference.  They look so wonderfully put together, and their photos are that much cuter and more interesting :)

This session was photographed in downtown Orange, when I was down for a visit last fall... 

If you're interested in a family portrait session here in Sacramento, spring is here and it's the perfect time!  Stay tuned for info on upcoming mini sessions... 

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Mix Tape Monday - Good News, Bad News

Well, geez Louise, happy Monday...

The bad news is my husband's car was broken into last night... they took pretty much everything.  No bueno.  The good news is our little watchdog, Sundae, did a great job of alerting us... problem is, we didn't listen to her!  Sundae is a beagle...and she's hella loud!  We didn't check things out when she was barking up a storm at midnight.  In our defense, her little hound nose has been known to pick up the scent of a critter outside and if we let her out, she goes crazy, waking up the entire neighborhood with her "baying",  trying to sniff the thing out.  If you've never heard a beagle bay before, it's one of the strangest sounds.  Halfway between a bark and a howl, it's what they do when they're really onto something... namely a strange scent.  We had no idea quite what we were in for when we brought Sundae home a few summers ago.  She was four pounds of absolute cuteness, and barely made a peep.   When she was a few months old, we first heard her adorable little howl.  The rake was not her friend...

Today's mix... inspired by burgling and barking :)

"Hounds Of Love" - Kate Bush

"Been Caught Stealing" - Jane's Addiction

"Little Black Backpack" - Stroke 9

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Girls Day Out - Sacramento Senior Portrait Parties with Janel KG Photography

I'm so excited to announce the upcoming dates for my "Girls Day Out" parties!  I've collaborated with my super fab team of hair and makeup stylists at Allure Salon & Spa to offer this fun experience to my seniors!  Gather up your closest friends and spend the afternoon at the salon getting glammed up with professional hair and makeup, snack on some goodies, and listen to some tunes!  You'll each get your own individual photo shoot, plus we'll get some cool shots with the whole group!  Read on for the nitty gritty...

THE 411

WHO:  You & 3 of your BFFs

WHAT:  The most amazing way to do your senior portraits...
Professional makeup & hair styling
Individual & group photo shoot
2 settings & 2 outfits per person
An online slideshow
Images to share on Facebook

WHEN:  May 25th
April 29th
or May 20th
(future dates to be announced)

WHERE:  Allure Salon & Spa
815 J Street, Sacramento

HOW:  $150 per person
Includes $50 print credit & a swag bag of goodies for you to take home!


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Spring 2012 What To Wear - Sacramento Portrait Photographer

Each year Pantone, the industry leader in color trends, announces a Color of the Year, and this year it's Tangerine Tango!  It's a bright and cheerful blend of orange and coral.  You'd think it would be kinda difficult to wear... 'cause what the heck goes with bright orange?  Well, surprisingly, just about everything!  Tangerine looks super snappy with every shade of blue, from turquoise to navy, and oh-so-cool with pinks, from melon to fuchsia.   
If your'e wondering what to wear for an engagement session or senior portraits, there are so many ways you can incorporate tangerine into your look!  Go bold and wear it as one of the key pieces of your outfit, like a shirt, pants, or dress ... and while you're at it, pair it with an equally bright pink or cobalt blue!  Or if you're not into making such a big statement, simply pop it in with an accent item ... a scarf, shoes, purse, or even just your nail polish!  Trust me, it's easy!

Here's some tangy inspiration I've pulled together from my adventures in online window shopping (which is really taking up way too much of my time and I should be repainting my living room or something):
Source (clockwise from top left):  Gap, Essie, J.Crew, Pinterest, Asos
Source (clockwise from top left):  Kendie EverydayNordstrom, Kendie Everday, Ruche, Asos

Speaking of portrait sessions, I am so excited to announce that I am now offering Two For One sessions and Girls Day Out parties!  Spend an afternoon at the salon with your best girlfriend(s), get the whole makeover experience with professional makeup and hair styling, and then get your own personal photo shoot, plus a little shoot with your friend(s)!  Oh, and don't forget to make some plans for a night on the town, 'cause you'll be looking AH-mazing!  Visit my website or contact me for more info and to book your session.  

If you're in the Class of 2012, you still have a little time left to do your senior portraits before graduation!  If you're a junior in the Class of 2013, it's time to book your summer session (and those group shots will be so awesome for your yearbook ads!)  FYI:  Many schools require you to take your yearbook photos with a specific studio, but you DO have the option of going somewhere else for your own fabulous, beautiful photo shoot! 

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