Lauren - Class of 2012 - Sacramento Senior Portraits Special Offer!

Spring is just around the corner, and there are still a few months left for the Class of 2012 to take senior portraits before graduation!  My senior sessions are all about having fun, capturing your unique personality and style, and getting fabulous photos!  And, since I love for my seniors to feel awesome and look gorgeous, I'm excited to be offering COMPLIMENTARY PROFESSIONAL HAIR AND MAKEUP for those who book a CUSTOM SESSION BEFORE FEBRUARY 15TH!!!  Email me for more info and to get on the calendar!  BTW, this offer also applies to the upcoming seniors of 2013... Book your summer session now!

Today, I'm sharing some stunning images from Lauren's senior session.  Lauren chose to shoot her senior portraits in her hometown of Isleton, taking advantage of the old town and Delta views she loves so much, and brought along her dance shoes, too!  The overcast sky made for absolutely beautiful light!

Click HERE to see a slideshow of Lauren!

Hair & Makeup:  Allure Salon & Spa

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Monday Mixtape - It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Thank goodness the rain is finally here!  My poor neglected plants in the yard are delighted, and I can't wait to head up to Tahoe for a snow day!  But what to do while the rain keeps you stuck indoors?  Here's a list of some rainy day tasks and projects I may tackle today:

1.  Clean out my inbox - How on earth did I accrue 277 unread emails?

2.  Hop online (hello, Pinterest!) and start dreaming and planning my spring wardrobe - My style changes with the seasons, and spring always brings out my preppy side.  Right now I'm loving kelly green, navy blue, and stripes.  These Sperry Top-Siders are just too cute!

3.  Get caught up on organizing my own family photos - It seems odd that, even though I'm a  photographer, I am seriously failing at editing my own personal photos and making albums for my family.  I figure if I can cull and edit one month's worth of photos per week, I may get all caught up by the end of 2012.  Yeah, I'm waaaay behind.

4.  Try a new recipe - These Oreo Truffles look so tasty and simple to make... Definitely a fun thing to do with the kids after school :)

5.  Get started on my taxes... Blech.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - "The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie"

Adele - "Right As Rain"

New Edition - "Can You Stand The Rain"

Guns N' Roses - "November Rain"

Colbie Caillat - "Make It Rain"

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Boy Stuff - Making Crystals

If you have a young boy in your life, chances are you've heard of The Dangerous Book For Boys by Conn and Hal Iggulden.  Released in 2007, it's a sort of compilation of old-school boy stuff.  In a world of all things digital, where kids experience their adventures via video screen and thumbs, this is a refreshing and nostalgic hands-on guide to everything from skipping stones to understanding grammar, from making a battery to Latin phrases every boy should know.  

Several weeks ago, on a slow afternoon, I asked Sean to break out his book and pick a project for us to do together.  He ran to his room to grab it and brought it back, stuck with trading cards and paper scraps throughout, marking all the stuff he wants to do and learn.  And cutie that he is, he's also marked stuff with his mom, dad, and sister in mind:  Building a workbench for Dad, dog tricks for Claire, and growing sunflowers for me.  If you think I may sometimes be bowled over by his thoughtfulness and count my lucky stars that I have such an awesome kid, you'd be right :)

This day, we chose to make crystals.  It's a quick and easy activity... the only bummer is that it requires waiting at least a couple weeks to see the results (which of course I didn't realize before we began).

Here's what you need:

10 grams potassium aluminum sulfate (alum)
A glass
Popsicle stick
Warm water
Small stones (preferably with sharp edges)

First we went out to the backyard and found our rocks.

After washing them in the sink, we added the alum to the warm water and stirred super fast with the stick until it was dissolved.

Then we tied one end of the thread around one of the stones and the other end around the stick and lowered it into the glass, and simply dropped the other stones in.

 After putting it in a sunny spot, we simply waited for a few weeks and tried to be patient.  I think we could have left it longer to allow bigger crystals to form, but it's still pretty cool.  And, besides, the coolest part was doing the project together!

BTW... I think it's a great book for girls to read, too, and there happens to be a girl counterpart,  The Daring Book For Girls by Andrea J. Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz, that's also packed with it's own set of equally fabulous stuff.

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Ashley - Class of 2012 [Sacramento Senior Portraits]

Stunning, sweet, smart... I could go on and on about this lovely girl!  After getting the star treatment with professional hair and makeup styling (LOVE my girls at Allure!) we ventured out and about downtown Sacramento for her senior portrait session.  I absolutely love the way she conveys this quiet beauty and then breaks into an easy laugh :)

Clothing & Accessories:  Banana Republic, Forever 21, Etsy
Hair & Makeup:  Ichelle Montoya at Allure Salon & Spa

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Monday Mixtape - Hello 2012!

Looking forward to the new adventures and sweet surprises that 2012 will bring!

"Beautiful Day" - U2

"Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" - Green Day

"The Only Exception" - Paramore

"Wonderful Life" - Gwen Stefani

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