Monday Mixtape

My daughter left this morning for 6th grade camp at Sly Park.  I usually don't get too choked up about the little milestones my kids hit along their playful, and sometimes bumpy, journey through childhood.  I love seeing them grow and learn and experience. I'm excited to share in the discoveries, and the feelings that I remember having myself at that age.  But today, watching Claire head into the cafeteria, with her suitcase rolling behind her and sleeping bag tucked under her arm, I got a little teary.  Five days is a long time to be away from her and I miss her already.  And, even though she doesn't go for hugs in public anymore, today she let me pull her in for a warm squeeze.  She let me hold her sweet face between my hands as I told her I love her and to have the most fun ever.   I'll be holding onto that memory until I see her sweet face again on Friday, when I can pull her into my arms again.

I remember my own trip to Sly Park.  The gum tree on the way into the cafeteria, the pretty high school counselors advising us to moisturize our legs to make them look tanner, the boy coming to my cabin requesting a late night walk with me (which, of course, I didn't accept), my friend going home early because she was homesick, and the cool girls performing a skit to "No More Words" in the talent show.  It was supposed to be Outdoor Ed, but I have absolutely no recollection of plants or hikes.   I guess that shows where my mind was at the time, and makes me that much more sentimental about my own daughter's adventure this week.

So, popular songs from 1984 on the mix today :)

"No More Words" - Berlin

"The Reflex" - Duran Duran

"When Doves Cry" - Prince

"Like A Virgin" - Madonna

"Here Comes The Rain Again" - Eurythmics

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Monday Mixtape

My husband, Mario, gave me this lovely little necklace for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and it made my day!  What a fun, perfect gift for me!  Thank you, Baby!

Check out Running In Place on Etsy for all sorts of cute baubles!

I absolutely love love love Paramore's cover of "Use Somebody",  originally performed by Kings Of Leon, so I decided to feature great cover songs for today's mix!

"Use Somebody" - Paramore

"Nothing Compares 2U" - Sinead O'Connor (originally performed by The Family)

"Hazy Shade Of Winter" - The Bangles (originally performed by Simon & Garfunkel)

"Killing Me Softly" - Fugees (originally performed by Lori Lieberman)

"Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon" - Urge Overkill (originally performed by Niel Diamond)

"Smooth Criminal" - Alien Ant Farm (originally performed by Michael Jackson)

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Monday Mixtape - Dreamy

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Shoot This Not That workshop, hosted by the fabulous Summer Watkins of Grey Likes Weddings, in Laguna Beach.  It was a completely amazing fifteen hour day (yes, I said FIFTEEN!), full of Summer's insider tips and insight on photographing weddings beautifully and editorially, a gorgeously styled shoot, and fun new friends.  I left exhilarated and inspired, with hundreds of images and two books full of notes.  I can't wait to share more photos from the day!

I'm a huge fan of dreamy...
Bon Iver - "Holocene"

Bon Iver - "Beach Baby"

Bon Iver & St. Vincent - "Roslyn"

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Monday Mixtape - Blessed

Today I feel blessed.  Blessed to have spent the last several days catching up with one of my dearest cousins and her beautiful family.  Blessed that I was woken up every day by my precious goddaughter climbing into my bed and telling me all about her Barbies and her pink Bible in her sweet, soft voice.  Blessed that she loves me as much as I love her...

Taylor Swift  - "Never Grow Up"

Martina McBride - "Blessed"

Foster The People - "I Would Do Anything For You"

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