Monday Mixtape

What is it about guys and Metallica?  That band awakens this uniquely male nostalgia for their head-banging, teenage youth... those carefree days of playing air guitar.  At a recent cocktail party, Mario got so excited when the guitarist played a Metallica song that it sparked a full fledged "bro-mance".  By the end of the evening (and perhaps after a few tequila shots) the two of them were thick as thieves and Mario informed me that this guy is going to play Metallica at his funeral.  Um, hello, morbid!

Mario's turning forty tomorrow, and we celebrated with his closest friends this past weekend.  I went to quite the effort to make the party something special for him.  Forty's a big deal, and so is he!  The party was a success.  My cheesecake bites were to die for.  The tacos were delish.  And I made sure to include plenty of Metallica in the playlist.

Metallica - "Enter Sandman"

Metallica - "Fade To Black"

Metallica - "Nothing Else Matters"

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