Monday Mixtape - Boo!

I'm kind of a scaredy-cat.  After being completely terrorized by the movie "Poltergeist" when I was 9 years old, I swore off horror movies for a good long time.  It wasn't until a several years later, at a swim team sleepover, that I was able to enjoy a scary movie... "Nightmare On Elm Street", and that was probably because I was not only surrounded by 30 other kids, but I also didn't want to look like a baby in front of all my peers.  Even the horror movies that are supposed to be funny, like "Child's Play" and "Scream" freak me out.  Trick-or-treating?  Yes.  Carving pumpkins?  Sure.  Hot apple cider?  Yes, please.  "Paranormal Activity 3"?  Hell no!

Michael Jackson - "Thriller"... Yep, this one scared me, too.   Told ya... major scaredy cat!

Bobby Pickett - "Monster Mash"

Whodini - "The Freaks Come Out At Night"

Ray Parker Jr. - "Ghostbusters"

"Halloween" theme song

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - "Time Warp"

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