Mix Tape Monday

Over the weekend, chatting with our neighbor after some pool time and BBQ, we got on the subject of school lunches.  Mario and I explained that it seemed like no one ate in the cafeteria ('cause that would be like so lame!), and we had open campus for all but the last year of high school, so you could walk down Freeport Boulevard and take your pick between McDonald's, Wendy's, Subway, Taylor's Market, and China Hut (or as we liked to call it "China Butt").  If you were willing to risk being tardy to 4th period, you could hop in your friend's Rabbit (um, popular 80's car) and squeeze in a Taco Bell run.  I probably don't need to share about those days when it was "worth it" to miss class in order to go to Fuji's for lunch.  Sesame chicken... Mmmmm.   But for those days when we stayed on campus for lunch, we did have the snack bar in the quad where you could get... wait for it... IT'S-ITs!  Raise your hand if you remember these creamy, crunchy ice cream delights!  Ice cream sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies, covered with a chocolate shell.  Omigosh, soooo good!  Well, our neighbor being a Nebraska native, and IT'S-ITs being a northern California creation, had never heard of or tasted one, poor guy.  After a quick Google search, we discovered IT'S-ITs can be found at almost any of our local grocery stores (I guess I haven't been spending enough time in the ice cream aisle).  The next evening, we broke out the IT'S-ITs for dessert.  Since we're adults now, we cut them in half, 'cause you know, we don't need all that sugar.  But I thoroughly enjoyed my half in my favorite flavor:  Mint.  But I think they make a cappuccino flavor, so I may have to keep an eye out for that.

Inspired by sweet things today :)

New Edition - "Candy Girl"

U2 - "The Sweetest Thing"

Cibo Matto - "Sugar Water"

Kelis - "Milkshake"

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