Mix Tape Monday

A couple of weekends ago, I headed up to Folsom for an engagement session with my beautiful and awesome friend, Cathy, and her fiance, Scott.  They were so much fun to photograph... possibly because  they were so into each other that they acted like I wasn't even there half the time!  I actually love that because that's when I get those genuine expressions and those shared moments that you want to hold on to forever :)

So, yeah... Adorable couple, pretty light, great session.  For me personally, though, it was an evening of mishaps... a comedy of errors.  I was livin' in a country song for a couple hours, I tell ya!  First, I drop a lens on the pavement.  It's a sturdy lens... no harm, no foul.  At the end of the shoot, I drop my iPhone and the glass shatters (note to self:  Gotta get to the Apple store).  I'm one of those people who tries to stay optimistic 'til the bitter end; I'm told they can replace the glass, so I'm not stressed out about that... yet.  Fast forward a few days, when I get into my camera bag I realize I'm missing my 85mm lens.  Check the back of the car.  Check under the seats.  Even check my purse.  Nope.  I left it at the shoot somewhere... Crap!  I check my images and know exactly when I last used that lens (please see above).  I was lying down in the weeds, on a hill just outside the Sacramento LDS temple grounds.  I get in the car and race out there, climb the hill, find the tree I remember... And there it is!  I found it!  So many days later!  Thank you thank you thank you!  Of all the places to have a lens fall out of your bag, that would have to be the best... On a hill by a church.  And better yet, just outside of the landscaped area so it didn't get mowed or sprinkled!

Today's mix doesn't have anything to do with my story.  I've just been coming across songs lately that I love and haven't heard in forever...

File under "Why don't I have more ________ in my iTunes?"

Love & Rockets - "Haunted"

Love & Rockets - "No New Tale To Tell"

Violent Femmes - "Kiss Off"

Violent Femmes - "Please Do Not Go"

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