Cathy + Scott - Folsom Engagement

One phone call.  That's all it took.   Scott found Cathy online, and even though she lived in Orange County, and he in Granite Bay, they were such a good "match" that he figured he had to at least send her an email.  And it's a good thing, because he learned that Cathy is pursuing her degree in nursing at Saddleback College, but actually lives in the Sacramento area!  After a few emails back and forth, Cathy and Scott were ready for a call, and once they connected on the phone, they just knew.  This could be something special... this could be something real.

They spent the next several weeks talking for hours every evening, sharing their thoughts and aspirations, their dreams for the future.  Cathy finished her semester and returned home for the summer, and was anxious to finally meet Scott face to face.  They met in Old Folsom and spent the afternoon together, and discovered that the connection between them was true and wonderful.  Once they met, they didn't want to be apart.

As one of Cathy's best friends, I am incredibly happy for her.  Happy that she has found love and someone to cherish her the way she deserves.  Every woman should have a man look at her the way Scott looks at Cathy.  To see the two of them together is to remember that giddy feeling of early love.  I am so excited and honored to be shooting their winter wedding at Edgewood Tahoe this December!

Click HERE for the slideshow!

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  1. What a an inspirational feeling I have when I look at the love that Scott and Cathy exude. Janel you captured the story, the warmth, the true love these two share! WOW --- what a sexy and in love couple!

  2. I love seeing my dear friend Cathy so happy and so obviously in love!! Thank you for sharing their joy through these beautiful photographs!! <3 Michelle

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words... It is truly a joy to see Cathy in love!