Monday Mixtape

Well, we've got one week of summer left before the kids go back to school.  One week 'til we re-enter the world of routines and schedules, rushed mornings and homework, soccer practices and early bedtimes.  Good thing we're spending these last precious days at the beach, enjoying the salty air and sand between our toes!

"Vacation" - The Go-Go's

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Monday Mixtape

Word is they're doing a remake of the 80's classic, "Dirty Dancing".  There's been all sorts of debate online about whether it can possibly measure up to the original and who can successfully take on the lead roles of Baby and Johnny Castle.  And, of course, a lot of people couldn't care less (my husband, for one).  But for those of us who fell in love with the movie and were inspired to sport cut-off jeans with peasant tops, you almost wish they wouldn't bother.  It's the kind of situation where you'll go see it, but you'll be waiting for it to suck the whole time!  I admit that I was a total fan of the movie (notwithstanding the super cheesy title) and played that soundtrack over and over (and over and over)...

C'mon... What's not to love?

Solomon Burke - "Cry To Me"

Bruce Channel - "Hey Baby"

The Ronettes - "Be My Baby"

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What To Wear - Autumn Inspiration

It's that time of year again.... Autumn always brings to mind back-to-school shopping:  The boots, the jeans, the corduroy, the sweaters.  I'm totally loving the global trend right now, especially the moccasins!

Fall Inspiration - Playing with the global trend


Mixtape Monday

"T-shirt time!"  Okay, don't hate, but my two favorite shows on TV right now are "Real Housewives of New Jersey" and "Jersey Shore".  I don't watch that much TV as it is, and if it's on before 10pm, I'd miss it anyway.  So, basically I only watch two hours of TV a week.  But wait... I forgot about "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen.  Make that 2 1/2 hours.  I love Andy Cohen.  Anyway, in a couple of weeks it'll be more like 3 1/2 hours because the second season of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is starting up, and I love me some Lisa Vanderpump!  Word is there's a new "friend" on the show this season, who was if I remember correctly, the best-friend-of-my-sister's ex-husband's-ex-high-school-girlfriend.  I have a sinking feeling she won't be making Sacramento look like a breeding ground of intellect and morality, but then again, who am I to talk?  My favorite entertainment consists of watching strangely orange people fist-pump and Jersey turnpike the night away in clubs, and then fall flat on their faces trying to walk home in 5-inch stripper heels.

Which reminds me, I haven't been dancing in forever.  So, in the spirit of clubbing... "Cab's here!"

LMFAO - "Party Rock Anthem"

Britney Spears - "I Wanna Go"

David Guetta (Feat. Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida) - "Where Them Girls At"

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Mix Tape Monday

Over the weekend, chatting with our neighbor after some pool time and BBQ, we got on the subject of school lunches.  Mario and I explained that it seemed like no one ate in the cafeteria ('cause that would be like so lame!), and we had open campus for all but the last year of high school, so you could walk down Freeport Boulevard and take your pick between McDonald's, Wendy's, Subway, Taylor's Market, and China Hut (or as we liked to call it "China Butt").  If you were willing to risk being tardy to 4th period, you could hop in your friend's Rabbit (um, popular 80's car) and squeeze in a Taco Bell run.  I probably don't need to share about those days when it was "worth it" to miss class in order to go to Fuji's for lunch.  Sesame chicken... Mmmmm.   But for those days when we stayed on campus for lunch, we did have the snack bar in the quad where you could get... wait for it... IT'S-ITs!  Raise your hand if you remember these creamy, crunchy ice cream delights!  Ice cream sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies, covered with a chocolate shell.  Omigosh, soooo good!  Well, our neighbor being a Nebraska native, and IT'S-ITs being a northern California creation, had never heard of or tasted one, poor guy.  After a quick Google search, we discovered IT'S-ITs can be found at almost any of our local grocery stores (I guess I haven't been spending enough time in the ice cream aisle).  The next evening, we broke out the IT'S-ITs for dessert.  Since we're adults now, we cut them in half, 'cause you know, we don't need all that sugar.  But I thoroughly enjoyed my half in my favorite flavor:  Mint.  But I think they make a cappuccino flavor, so I may have to keep an eye out for that.

Inspired by sweet things today :)

New Edition - "Candy Girl"

U2 - "The Sweetest Thing"

Cibo Matto - "Sugar Water"

Kelis - "Milkshake"

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Cathy + Scott - Folsom Engagement

One phone call.  That's all it took.   Scott found Cathy online, and even though she lived in Orange County, and he in Granite Bay, they were such a good "match" that he figured he had to at least send her an email.  And it's a good thing, because he learned that Cathy is pursuing her degree in nursing at Saddleback College, but actually lives in the Sacramento area!  After a few emails back and forth, Cathy and Scott were ready for a call, and once they connected on the phone, they just knew.  This could be something special... this could be something real.

They spent the next several weeks talking for hours every evening, sharing their thoughts and aspirations, their dreams for the future.  Cathy finished her semester and returned home for the summer, and was anxious to finally meet Scott face to face.  They met in Old Folsom and spent the afternoon together, and discovered that the connection between them was true and wonderful.  Once they met, they didn't want to be apart.

As one of Cathy's best friends, I am incredibly happy for her.  Happy that she has found love and someone to cherish her the way she deserves.  Every woman should have a man look at her the way Scott looks at Cathy.  To see the two of them together is to remember that giddy feeling of early love.  I am so excited and honored to be shooting their winter wedding at Edgewood Tahoe this December!

Click HERE for the slideshow!

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Mix Tape Monday

A couple of weekends ago, I headed up to Folsom for an engagement session with my beautiful and awesome friend, Cathy, and her fiance, Scott.  They were so much fun to photograph... possibly because  they were so into each other that they acted like I wasn't even there half the time!  I actually love that because that's when I get those genuine expressions and those shared moments that you want to hold on to forever :)

So, yeah... Adorable couple, pretty light, great session.  For me personally, though, it was an evening of mishaps... a comedy of errors.  I was livin' in a country song for a couple hours, I tell ya!  First, I drop a lens on the pavement.  It's a sturdy lens... no harm, no foul.  At the end of the shoot, I drop my iPhone and the glass shatters (note to self:  Gotta get to the Apple store).  I'm one of those people who tries to stay optimistic 'til the bitter end; I'm told they can replace the glass, so I'm not stressed out about that... yet.  Fast forward a few days, when I get into my camera bag I realize I'm missing my 85mm lens.  Check the back of the car.  Check under the seats.  Even check my purse.  Nope.  I left it at the shoot somewhere... Crap!  I check my images and know exactly when I last used that lens (please see above).  I was lying down in the weeds, on a hill just outside the Sacramento LDS temple grounds.  I get in the car and race out there, climb the hill, find the tree I remember... And there it is!  I found it!  So many days later!  Thank you thank you thank you!  Of all the places to have a lens fall out of your bag, that would have to be the best... On a hill by a church.  And better yet, just outside of the landscaped area so it didn't get mowed or sprinkled!

Today's mix doesn't have anything to do with my story.  I've just been coming across songs lately that I love and haven't heard in forever...

File under "Why don't I have more ________ in my iTunes?"

Love & Rockets - "Haunted"

Love & Rockets - "No New Tale To Tell"

Violent Femmes - "Kiss Off"

Violent Femmes - "Please Do Not Go"

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