Five Feet of Perfection...

My daughter is eleven years old today... Eleven!  And I just measured her this morning before sending her off to school, armed with cupcakes for her classmates.  4' 11"... almost five feet (it sounded good for the title).  She's grown three inches since August!  That is simply amazing!  We have a door jamb in the kitchen that is covered with pencil marks, names, and dates... And lots of finger smudges.  Every once in a while I have to go back and re-mark everything, before it gets completely rubbed off by grubby little fingers and the information is lost.

I took the opportunity to "interview" Claire this morning...

Janel:  How does it feel to be eleven?
Claire:  I don't know; I just started.

J:  What makes a good friend?
C:  You get along together.  Caring, kind, and fun.

J:  What are you and your friends going to do at your sleepover?
C:  Have fun!  Play "Truth or Dare"

J:  Do you choose "truth" or "dare"?
C:  Dare

J:  Why?
C:  Because "truth" is too dangerous and risky!  People can ask the wrong questions and then you're like, "Oh no!"

J:  Like asking you who you like?
C:  Maybe

J:  So, do you like someone?
C:  (At this point, her head went under her covers... and the interview was over) 

Claire Elizabeth Hope came into the world eleven years ago... 19 days early with little chicken legs.  6 pounds, 3 ounces of pink perfection.  It seems like so long ago; I can't really remember what it was like to have merely myself to think about, to sleep like I'm not listening for a cry in the dark.  When I look at my daughter, I see everything that is good in the world... everything I want the world to be, for her.  I see innocence and hope in her big brown eyes.  She is perfect, but not because she is intelligent and beautiful (which she completely is), but because she is pure kindness and love.  She swears she will never wear nail polish, and make-up is just gross... I know that will change someday, and maybe sooner than her father and I think!  I know that her occasional eye rolls may become more frequent in the coming years, and that "sweet" might not be the first adjective that comes to mind all the time :)  But who she is won't change... and as she's testing the waters and "trying on" different attitudes and ideas,  she will choose the ones that truly fit her.  I want so much for my daughter to like what she sees in the mirror, and to be proud and confident in who she is.  Her perfection will be measured not by the way the world sees her, but by how she sees herself.

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  1. Happy Birthday to our sweet & beautiful Claire-Bear!!! Wish we were there to help you celebrate. Eleven? Man o man, time sure does fly. (Lovely blog & pic, Nellie ~ brought tears to my eyes.)

    Lots of love,
    Aunt Bethie xoxoxo

  2. Aw, Bethie! Thank you! Love you!

  3. <3 that interview I can hear her voice :) It's hard to believe our girls are getting so big, but you are so right who she truly is won't really change she will always be your little girl :)

    Happy Birthday to all of you today!

  4. LOVE this interview! How cute is she? haha