A Day with the Grays... In-Camera: Light Workshop

Last week I got to spend the day with Zach and Jody Gray of Gray Photography learning off-camera lighting techniques.  I learned so much at their Shooting & Post workshop back in December, so I was so glad when I heard they were coming back to Northern Cali!  It's kind of funny (weird, not ha-ha) that the weather totally sucked again for their visit.  In San Francisco we braved the rain all afternoon; this time the rain let up, but the wind was blowing like crazy and it was freezing!  Oh well, it was still a great time, and Zach and Jody are amazing.  I learned a ton, met some awesome fellow photographers, and the stormy weather made for some beautiful skies!  This was my first experience with off-camera lighting, and I am simply blown away with the images it created!

  Here are a couple of images shot in natural light...

And here are the images, with almost no post-processing whatsoever, captured with the addition of one off-camera light...Super dramatic!  It almost looks fake... 

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