Adorable Abby is 1...

How time flies... A few months ago I photographed Abby for her nine month portraits, and she had just started crawling!  Now she's one year old... and a mover and a shaker! I spent a couple of hours with Abby and her mommy, Trina, at the park last weekend, and tried to keep up with the little cutie!  I did whatever I had to do to coax smiles and giggles, hopping around,making funny noises and generally making a fool of myself for her enjoyment.  It's Mommy, though, who got most of the love... which is as it should be!  It's so awesome to make time to document little ones at each of these milestones, when it seems like every time you turn around they're doing something new and exciting... and, as parents, you want to remember every last detail of this fleeting time in their precious young lives!

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