The Enchanting Eichers!

I can't tell you how much fun it was hanging out with this awesome family!  Besides being totally gorgeous, they are warm and loving with each other.... But almost more importantly, they are hilarious!  By the end of the shoot we were all cracking up.  Totally my kind of people :)  Kristina sent me the nicest note afterwards, and said that the session gave them a chance to take a break from their busy lives and really "see" each other.  I love that!  It was truly my pleasure...

Garrett is almost too cute to be an 8th grader... even with the SLIPPERS!  (Yes, he wore slippers... and nobody cared... again, my kind of people!)

Lance & Kristina... Um... Serious hotness!
Dreamy, beautiful Ashley...

I love, love, love that I caught these two laughing like this!  I think there was some major teasing coming from Mom & Dad... something about an avatar?
Don't they make you kinda wish you were part of their family, too?
You guys were a bundle of fun!  So glad to have met you...  And thanks to Kristina's mom, Brenda, for loaning us her lovely yard for the session... and to Melissa (of the Dazzling Del Duca's) for sending me her sis :)

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  1. You certainly captured the fun and casual personality of this family... Are they adopting? :)