Adorable Abby

Tears are a compliment... I mean, when someone tells me they cried when they watched their slideshow of images from me, I know I've done my job.  I've captured something genuine, something beautiful.  These photos of the absolutely precious 9-month-old Abby, tugged at my own heartstrings in a major way!  You see, little Abigail Lynn is family.  Her grandmother is my "aunt" (you know, the "mom's best friend since jr. high" kind of aunt), so her daughter is basically my cousin... and then Abby is my cousin once removed?  Well, I don't know how all that works.  But I do know that this is a very special, very loved, very wanted baby girl!  Abby is a little angel baby.  She is pure sweetness and light... and her parents' own little miracle!

Smiles for Mommy & Daddy...

Oh my gosh... Look at that toe!!!


 Happy Birthday, Trina!


  1. Thank you so much Janel (as I tear up again). Hard to imagine life before our miracle now. Thank you for capturing her beautiful spirit. You are an artist. Love You!