Breathtaking Brittany - Northern California Senior Photographer

I have a soft spot for young people, especially teenagers.  Some people may think, "Ugh", but I think, "Ah... I remember".   I remember that time in my life... really well. Those years are an exceptionally special time in a person's life. It's a time of self-discovery, of choices and finding one's path.  At no other point are you in such a state of transition.  Senior year is all about being on the verge.  What a spectacular honor it is to capture someone about to embark on all of life's adventures! 

Oh my goodness... I am seriously dying over Brittany's amazing senior portrait photos!  After doing family portraits with the Stunning Saldivars, Brittany and I set off on our own for a fun senior session.  She came ready with several cute outfits, so we got tons of cool shots with different looks... and she rocked 'em all!  Geez, what a gorgeous girl!  Congratulations and good luck, sweetheart!



The Stunning Saldivars - Auburn Family Photographer

What an absolutely special way to spend a birthday!  Sometimes it's difficult to get the whole family together.  Everyone's so busy with work, school, homework, sports, potty training...Things can get pretty hectic!  It seems like kids grow up right before our eyes, and family portraits are a wonderful way to take a break from the roller coaster and truly spend time together... and to capture and cherish those moments. 

It was Tennille's birthday a few weeks ago, and she gathered her entirely adorable brood and met me at Recreation Park in Auburn for a fun family photo sesssion.  Usually, it takes a while for people to warm up to the idea of being in front of the camera, whether they're 3 or 33.  Sometimes (especially if your name is Star!) they're ready for their close-up right out of the gate!  Either way, it always works out and by the end everyone is having a good time and we get some truly beautiful photos!  Here are some of my faves of this super cute family... 

Playing in the leaves is the perfect way to get the little ones laughing!
Star... Ready for her close-up :)

It's so rewarding to stand back and wait for those genuine smiles!
Wow... Simply stunning!

Stay tuned for photos from Brittany's awesome senior session!


The Enchanting Eichers!

I can't tell you how much fun it was hanging out with this awesome family!  Besides being totally gorgeous, they are warm and loving with each other.... But almost more importantly, they are hilarious!  By the end of the shoot we were all cracking up.  Totally my kind of people :)  Kristina sent me the nicest note afterwards, and said that the session gave them a chance to take a break from their busy lives and really "see" each other.  I love that!  It was truly my pleasure...

Garrett is almost too cute to be an 8th grader... even with the SLIPPERS!  (Yes, he wore slippers... and nobody cared... again, my kind of people!)

Lance & Kristina... Um... Serious hotness!
Dreamy, beautiful Ashley...

I love, love, love that I caught these two laughing like this!  I think there was some major teasing coming from Mom & Dad... something about an avatar?
Don't they make you kinda wish you were part of their family, too?
You guys were a bundle of fun!  So glad to have met you...  And thanks to Kristina's mom, Brenda, for loaning us her lovely yard for the session... and to Melissa (of the Dazzling Del Duca's) for sending me her sis :)


Sneak Peek of the Eicher Family - Folsom Family Photographer

Working on this fabulous family session from a couple of weeks ago..... Just had to share a few :) 


Long drives and the power of music....

Every once in a while, it's nice to get in the car and drive... for a long time. If the whole family is along for the ride, it's often an opportunity for Mario and I to catch up on what's going on in each other's lives while the kids are in the backseat playing their DS's or whatever.  We get to reconnect, share cute stories about the kids, and talk about our dreams and plans for the future.  After a long drive together, it sounds corny I know, we feel kind of renewed and more in love :)  I guess if we're waiting for long trips to accomplish this, then we really need to institute a date night, huh?

If it's just me and the kids, we get to turn the music up and sing and dance.  I basically try to be as much of a dork as possible to make the kids laugh (dude, sometimes they really make me work for it!).  Singing in the car is great...  I think the acoustics must be excellent because I sound awesome in the car!  Well, I mean if I get just the right song, and play it loud enough, then I can totally belt it out!  Thank goodness my kids are used to me singing my heart out in the car, and usually they join in (I know, I'm dooming them to be dorks like me).  I hope I don't embarrass them too much, because if there's a super good song on and we happen to be stopped at a traffic light... I just keep on singin' and dancin'... and other drivers may be totally laughing at me, but oh well. 

The kids and I were on kind of a long drive a couple of weeks ago... well, it was like 45 minutes.  It was a nice stretch of time.  We're on a little Glee kick lately, so we were rockin' out to "Don't Stop Believing", etc. And then "True Colors" came on... and all of a sudden I was crying... I couldn't help it. The lyrics hit me like a ton of bricks, and I immediately thought of my niece.  I don't get to see or talk to her much anymore..... and I miss her so badly my heart hurts.  I miss her hugs, her smiles... I miss telling her how special she is.  How smart and beautiful she is.  How she means the world to me.  How much I love her...

Uh-oh... the tears are back :)


Taylor - Sacramento Teen Photographer

I couldn't think of a "T" word fabulous enough for Taylor... Terrific?  Yes!  Taylor is a terrific young lady, in both beauty and spirit! We met at Land Park for some photos with the equally terrific Rufus and Marvel..... Had to get some with ALL of Brandi's little ones!  Then it was off to the train station for some fun shots of just Taylor... I love the windows!  What a fabulous model she was! 

 Those eyes..... Wow!
Simply beautiful!



Adorable Abby

Tears are a compliment... I mean, when someone tells me they cried when they watched their slideshow of images from me, I know I've done my job.  I've captured something genuine, something beautiful.  These photos of the absolutely precious 9-month-old Abby, tugged at my own heartstrings in a major way!  You see, little Abigail Lynn is family.  Her grandmother is my "aunt" (you know, the "mom's best friend since jr. high" kind of aunt), so her daughter is basically my cousin... and then Abby is my cousin once removed?  Well, I don't know how all that works.  But I do know that this is a very special, very loved, very wanted baby girl!  Abby is a little angel baby.  She is pure sweetness and light... and her parents' own little miracle!

Smiles for Mommy & Daddy...

Oh my gosh... Look at that toe!!!


 Happy Birthday, Trina!