Back to School

Well, it's that time of year... the kids are settling into the routine of school, homework, and soccer... It must be Fall! So far so good, with a few hectic mornings, some tears over homework, but we're getting the hang of it!

I have to say that 5th grade homework is a lot to take... I'm not sure what it is, whether it's Claire learning how to focus again after 3 months off, or whether, at this age, they're getting "real" homework, but they're still just learning how to do it on their own or what. Either way, the second week of school, Claire had a math assignment that was tough.... Tough for her, tough for us... I mean, really, I'm supposed to know what a composite number is? Prime number, yes, but composite? And then it's like, "Well, where's your book? How can you not know how to do this? Didn't the teacher go over the assignment in class?" "No, no, and no". And how am I supposed to help her when I don't know it either? There was no little pocket of info floating around in my brain that I could access for "composite number". Before resorting to Google, Mario thankfully stepped in with a fresh attitude and perspective (forever my hero) and then 5 minutes later, Claire had her "a-ha" moment, everything clicked. The next evening was Back to School night, where the parents go to the classroom and get the lowdown on the coming year, how each teacher runs her classroom, etc. Come to find out, that assignment had been given to them with no directions, just to challenge the kids! She'll be giving these "enrichment" sheets regularly! Well, thank my lucky stars! You could feel the collective sigh from the room full of parents. Here I'd started wondering if she was going to be able to handle this. But before you know it, we're chatting with all these other parents about that assignment, bemoaning the effort and tears that went into it, and we were so relieved! Oh my, weight off my shoulders! How dare I doubt my little smarty-pants?

Sean's year so far, in 1st grade, is much less dramatic by comparison. Despite his reticent attitude about the whole thing (please see photo), I know for a fact that he is actually having fun! He's just a trip in the way that he is almost determined NOT to. But I know that he's smart and well-behaved and happy... and what more can I ask at this age?

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