Hello, August!

Waiting for the movie to start...
Sean's expression here cracks me up!
Oh my gosh... Do I have the coolest, most adorable husband or what?

I love that the wind kicked Claire's skirt up at just the right moment!

"The hard is what makes it great"...Great quote from "A League of Their Own" (caught it on TV last night... it's one of those movies that I happen across every now and again, and somehow I keep watching even if it's half over). It's a good line... Good one to remember on my photographic quest for greatness :)

So, Saturday I dragged my family around Sacramento, scouting out some locations for upcoming sessions, and Claire was a total trooper acting as my model all afternoon. I actually ended up getting some cute shots of all my favorite people (please see images above), and found some cool photography spots along the way. Later that evening we packed some blankets, pillows, and snacks and headed to the drive-in theater! My kids had never been, so it was fun to see them experience something that I look back on fondly from my own childhood. I think I saw Star Wars at the drive-in, but I'm not sure since I was probably like 4 years old. When did it come out? '76? Anyway, all in all it's been a lovely little family weekend... I may have to mix in a Costco trip before it's over, though! The best thing, and a super way to begin the month of August, is I get to do a family shoot with some awesome friends this evening! I always get butterflies in my stomach before a session.... But so excited!

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