Family Portrait - Aptos, California

I went to WPPI Road Show yesterday, here in Sac... I must've taken 10 pages of notes, and there was so much information to absorb that my mind is reeling! The topics covered were more on the marketing side, which I'm probably not quite ready for, I must admit... But I hope that stuff sticks in my poor old brain long enough for me to apply it when I do need it!

We were in lovely Aptos a couple of weeks ago for some much needed beach time (dude, I loooove the beach!), and I got to shoot some family portraits for some friends of ours... It was admittedly one of most challenging sessions to date; the wind was kickin', it was cold, and the kids were my youngest subjects yet. BUT, they are a beautiful family and it would probably be hard to get a bad photo of any of them! Despite the weather and the kids being off their schedules a bit, I (think) I was able to capture some lovely and tender images :)

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