So, here I am... starting my blog..
Here's my cool photo for the day... Nothing beats an Otter Pop poolside!

Hello out there! I guess I'll be writing about my journey from here on in, obviously with an emphasis on photography since, duh, that's what I do! In fact, thats' what I AM now, which is super exciting! Seriously. I was just talking to one of my most awesome friends, Cathy, the other day and she was saying that it was cool that I just jumped into this and things are happening kinda fast. Btw, Cathy has been my full-on cheerleader this year as I've embarked on my photographic adventure. But really, I've always been into photography... I just never thought about making it my career. I took a bunch of classes at good ol' CSUS, and loved it; then I went to Europe (bringing 2 cameras), came home and converted my quarter basement into a darkroom (ah, I can still smell the developer) and printed my travel photos myself. My dad asked me to take photos for his office space a few years later, and I guess people liked them a lot because they still have them hanging up 10 years later. I've been taking photos and giving them as gifts for years. Never mind the gobs of photos I've taken since becoming a mom! So, I just think I had to get to this place in my life for me to finally realize that photography was something I could actually do... for a living! I never realized it was an option before! It may have taken me a while, but I love this mindset of freedom... freedom to do what inspires me and what I love :)

And, yes, I love smiley faces at the end of sentences... I think they're nice :)

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  1. Oh it's on alright! I love it! You are an amazing and beautiful woman... If only we all could live life with the mindset of freedom... and do or keep close to us all that inspires us.... I will keep you close, because you inspire me!